About us

Super Parents Foundation was established in 2018 with the goal of addressing the pains, neglects, and suffering experienced by parents of children with disabilities. The foundation was formed as a response to reports of mistreatment from both family members and those in positions of authority, who should have been protecting them. Our aim is to challenge prevailing negative narratives surrounding disability and debunk superstitions myth that exacerbate the hardship faced by the parents and their children. We provide platforms for parents to voice their concerns, share their experiences, and connect with others who understand their challenges. we are an inclusive haven that promotes empathy, education, acceptance, advocacy, support, and inclusion, which we collectively refer to as E.A.S.I.

What We Do- Our Approach


We visit homes, schools, and communities to enlighten, educate and create awareness of the myths and facts about disabilities. We also sensitize people on the need to show empathy and care to persons with disabilities. We advocate for the right of children with disabilities to be included in mainstream schools and other social privileges. Also, we host regular virtual classes to help teach coping and life skills to families of persons with disability.

promote social inclusion

We organize events for Special mums (mothers who have children with disabilities) to empower them mentally and financially. We also have family fun fair events to bring families together to have fun and share experiences. We collaborate with individuals and organizations that promotes inclusion and advocacy for persons with disabilities. We host over 500 children annually to mark the annual Children’s Day to promote social inclusion, bringing together children with disabilities and those without. We donate assistive aids like wheelchairs, walkers, etc, and scholarships to some children with disabilities.


We give out funds and relief materials to the indigent especially families of persons living with disabilities as well as give out funds for therapies, scholarships, wheelchairs, and other assistive aids to make life easier for them. We organize periodic skill acquisition programs to help the indigents become self-reliant as well as give grants to help them with their startup. We also organize frequent soft skills training to help persons with disability develop better coping skillsv

True wisdom lies in recognizing that disability is not a problem in and of itself, but rather the absence of empathy, understanding, and  support.

- Barrister Mofoluwasho Liasu